WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS: Action now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services.

No-cost COVID-19 test, 1 hour PCR Results

Use Action Urgent Care for all of your COVID-19 test and treatment needs through the Kyla app.

Download the Kyla app to get started

Results are uploaded in the Kyla App within 24 (to 48) hours of getting tested. Use them for work, school, or travel clearance!

Test results can be used for:

Travel Clearance

We can provide all documentation required for travel.


Get your children of all ages cleared to return to the classroom.


Access events that have testing requirements.

Get COVID-19 test results in three simple steps

1. Download the Kyla App and select "Getting Tested for COVID-19" to find the right test for you.

The app is free to download and can provide unique insight into your health.

2. Visit an Action location nearby to get tested or schedule a Kyla van to come to you.

Action Urgent Care facilities are located around the Bay Area.

3. Receive your results or next steps right in the Kyla app.

Get downloadable PDF of test result, proof of vaccination and doctor-guided next steps if you test positive.

Get a Mail-in test kit if you can't come into a clinic.

We mail a test kit to your home, help administer the test and you mail it in.

1. Order through the Kyla App

Select “Getting Tested for COVID-19” and request an At-Home Test to be mailed to you.

2. Results in 2-4 days

Receive results in the Kyla app between 2 and 4 days after sample is mailed.

NOTE: Results take longer on weekends.

3. Sample collection is observed by Kyla

The Kyla At-Home test is a saliva test that must be completed while on a Telemedecine visit with Kyla staff.

Available COVID-19 Treatments

Doctor-Administered COVID-19 Test

If you have symptoms, a doctor cam administers a COVID-19 test to determine if it is COVID-19.


Providers will prescribe Pfizer anti viral drug and other medications to help manage your symptoms at home.

Get the Kyla App